Pilot Flight Training Courses

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An organized IFR course with a good flow is important

The thought of having someone travel to you for your training seems appealing at the surface, but there are some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of having an instructor come to you for your training is organization. In order to have an organized course, the instructor should be familiar with the area where the training will be done.

We are familiar with our area and have put together a program with a flow that works best for your training and will allow you to get the most value for each flight. Everything is close, allowing you to practice all different types of approaches in various different types of airspace. It would be more difficult for an instructor to work out a good flow for your training in an unfamiliar area, creating a less efficient training program for you.

Instructor availability to finish your training

Another disadvantage to an instructor flying to you for your training is flexibility. If there is a delay in training due to a day or two of bad weather preventing you from finishing in 10 days, your instructor may end up having to reschedule a time to come back to finish, deserting you before you finish, costing you more money and an additional airline ticket for the return flight.

By training here at our location, it gives us more flexibility. We don’t have to worry about catching a flight home, or finding another flight home or charging you more money for waiting. We are already home and can do other things while waiting out the weather. We can start up again right away and get you finished without stretching out your training longer than needed. Since we are able to do other things and are not tied to a hotel room waiting, the weather delays don’t cost you money.

Examiner flexibility is important to finishing quickly

Examiner availability is important too. If you have a Checkride scheduled and it turns out there is a delay due to needing an extra day or two, or because of weather, how flexible will an examiner at your location be? What if your examiner is already booked for the next week or two? Getting an examiner that doesn’t know us or get steady work from us to be flexible enough to give you priority will be difficult. You’re a one time student to them and you will get rescheduled when they can get to you.

Our examiner understands you are coming from out of state and that you are on a tight schedule. Our examiner is willing to make you a priority when it comes to scheduling to get you finished as fast as possible.

Additional costs for training at your location

Cost is a factor also. When you have a instructor come to you, the cost of the hotel and transportation fall on you. In addition to that, you will usually pay more for the training due to tying up the instructors time completely. If they are able to stay longer due to weather delays, it will cost you more for their time also.

You will have hotel costs for yourself if you come here but you will be in the middle of town with every type of store available within walking distance so you could save on the rental car if needed. We can also pick you up from the hotel and drop you off when we are done. You will also save on the additional costs of training or delays.

A distraction free environment is important

One of the most important reasons to do your training away from home is that you are putting yourself in a distraction free environment. By staying in a hotel, you will be more likely to keep on track and study and prepare for your next day of training. Without outside distractions you will accomplish more and get more rest, improving your chances of success.

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