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10 Day instrument rating course in the Chicago area

For those of you that are centrally located and are looking for an accelerated IFR training program in your airplane, you no longer have to travel far to get it done. We are centrally located in Northern Illinois and perfectly positioned to offer accelerated instrument training to pilots from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan that want to stay close to home. If you live and fly in the central United States, why not train here for your instrument rating?

Thousands of hours of dual given

If you want an experienced instructor that is not afraid of flying in actual IMC and will make sure that you get actual whenever possible, then our course is for you. To learn how to fly in the IFR system, you have to use it! We don’t teach you to just pass your Checkride; we teach you to become a safe, confident IFR pilot that can stay ahead of the airplane while handling a high workload with ease. You will hear your instructors voice in your head for years to come, because we know how to make the information you will be learning stick for recall whenever you need it. That is only possible with a professional and experienced instructor.

We have a structured program so you always know what’s next

Many programs claim to be organized but leave you wondering what is next. With our accelerated instrument rating course you will always know exactly what we are going to talk about each day so you can be ready for it. You will have access to the training schedule and we will review each subject area in detail. During each lesson there will be time for questions and clarification of previously covered material so you are never left not knowing. If you’re confused about something, write it down and we will review it.

There are many popular accelerated IFR programs out there that just care about getting your money and getting you out the door as fast as possible. They skimp on proper training and send you to the wolves unprepared for your Checkride and when you fail, you end up on your own trying to finish. Our goal is your success. We make safe, knowledgeable instrument pilots that make good decisions and feel confident with their ability to fly in IMC. We will not sign you off until you are ready. When you are signed off, you can be confident that you will pass. We hope to work with you soon!

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