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Choosing a 10 Day IFR training course

Not all 10 day instrument rating course providers are created equal, many of them care more about getting your money and moving on, than properly preparing you for success. When we developed our accelerated IFR program, we talked with an FAA examiner in detail about what they’ve seen from accelerated course applicants. We did this because we wanted to be better than the rest. The examiner had done several Checkrides with applicants that have used very well known accelerated course providers for their training.

The examiner said that many applicants from some popular accelerated training programs were not properly prepared and were signed off before they were ready. One applicant came to their Checkride without knowing how to use a VOR. How good do you think the instruction was if the instructor didn’t recognize that the student didn’t understand the basics required for IFR navigation? Another applicant was asked to demonstrate something using equipment he had in his plane and he didn’t know how to use it. The examiner reminded him that he was required to know how to use everything in his plane. He told the examiner that the instructor didn’t teach him because it was broken on the simulator. It wasn’t broken in the plane, so why didn’t the instructor teach him?

If the instructors are not teaching these basic things that are required for applicants to know, then what else are they leaving out? Why are they signing people off for their Checkride if they are not ready? What we learned from this is that details are important. We’ve known it from the beginning and pride ourselves on the details that make you a better pilot. We want you to pass, but we won’t just teach the bare minimum just to get you out the door. We give you the detail you need to be better than average. This is what you should be looking for in any type of training.

What your course should include

The accelerated IFR course provider should use experienced instrument instructors that are comfortable flying in IMC and have no problem flying in IMC with you whenever possible. Flying in actual IMC, in an actual airplane whenever possible will prepare you for real world IFR flying faster than anything else.

You want to find an instructor that is teaching full time because they enjoy it. These are the instructors that usually take pride in what they do. Many instructors are there just to build hours to get a job for the airlines. Their true passion is not your success, but building hours as fast as possible to get out and start their airline career. A full time instructor who does it because they like it, cares about their reputation enough to  protect it.

You don’t need a fancy place to learn but you need structure. Everything has to be organized so you know exactly what to expect each day of your training. Study material should be provided for training and it should be easy to understand. Assuming that one place is better than another because they have a big fancy building, isn’t necessarily true. The fancy buildings cost a lot to maintain and those costs are usually passed on to you. If they aren’t getting you in and out as fast as possible, how are they going to pay for the fancy building? You want someone who cares more about your success than keeping the assembly line going.

You should demand to be held to high standards. If you go into this trying to get by on the bare minimum, then you will set yourself up for failure. You will also end up being an unsafe pilot who makes bad decisions which could put your life at risk. Strict, focused and detailed instruction will make you a much safer pilot. If you’re looking for fluff and someone to tell you what you want to hear then you’re not going to find the right program.

Your success is our goal

We want to be the best accelerated IFR course provider out there. We are focused and detailed. Our structured program is designed for your success. We will immerse you in your training and use every moment we can to teach you everything you need to know. We will constantly review your weak areas until they are strong. We want you to go home happy. We want you to be totally comfortable and feel safe flying IFR. We value you as a customer and will give you our best. We don’t sacrifice quality and won’t sign you off until you are ready and safe.

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