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Landing the Plane with an Incapacitated Pilot

If you’re a non-pilot that frequently flies with a partner who is a pilot, then you’ve probably had the thought cross your mind about what you’d do if your partner suddenly became incapacitated and was unable to fly the plane. A pilot may have a fantasy of saving the day on an airliner when the voice over the intercom suddenly asks if there is a pilot on board, but in real life when there are no other pilots on board, the fantasy can quickly become a nightmare.

You may not have an interest in learning to fly but if you fly frequently with a partner who does, you may want to consider at least learning how to land the plane safely. It would help you not only understand what is going on in the cockpit but it would also help set your mind at ease knowing that if something did happen, at least you’d know what to do.

Pinch Hitter Training for the Non Flying Partner of a Pilot

We have the perfect course to help the spouse or friend of a pilot learn to land the plane safely “just in case” you need it. This training will not only give you a level of confidence that you didn’t have before, but it will truly help you understand what is going on in the cockpit. It isn’t just for you, it is also for the pilot. The pilot would feel much better, knowing that there is someone there that can get the plane and him / her on the ground to get them help, and also to feel confident that you will be safe.

This is a 5 lesson course that includes 5.4 hours of flying and the same amount of one on one ground instruction which is divided up for each lesson. Each lesson varies between 2 – 2 1/2 hours each. You will be taught by AOPA’s 2016 Outstanding Flight Instructor Award Winner, listed in the top 10 of the country. Because everyone learns at a different rate and may need an extra hour or so, there is no way to guarantee the exact price but most people should easily be able to complete it as planned at a price of $1215.

What You Will Learn During the Pinch Hitter Training

AIRCRAFT CONTROL – Climbs, descents, turns and control at various speeds

BASIC NAVIGATION – How to keep track of where you are and find your way around

AVIATION CHARTS – You’ll learn the important symbols and be able to find the information you need

FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS – You’ll learn about the flight instruments, what they do and what information they give you

ENGINE INSTRUMENTS – You’ll learn about the engine instruments, what they do and what information they give you

NAVIGATION AIDS –  Learn about how to use the GPS or other equipment to plot a course and track it to an airport

RADIO COMMUNICATION – You’ll learn to program the radios and communicate with controllers and other pilots

LAND THE AIRPLANE – You’ll learn how to get the plane on the ground safely protecting you and the pilot from harm

TAXI THE AIRPLANE –  After landing you will learn how to control the plane on the ground and bring it safely to a stop

This course is well worth the small investment for a little extra security. If you’d like to get started, you can contact us here or give us a call at 847-960-3285. All we need to get you started is for you to bring in a birth certificate or passport to prove citizenship and a drivers license, so we can set you up in the system and begin training. If you know of anyone that may be interested or if you know of anyone that is interested in learning to fly, please let them know about us!

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