Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We only collect the information from our subscribers that we need for internal purposes to be able to provide services, email support, products, subscription fees or membership access. The information we collect is never revealed, sold, or made public unless required by law. Personal information provided by subscribers such as name, email, address, etc. is never disclosed to anyone unless the information is required to fulfill an order or service related to the use of this site.


When a member/subscriber logs into this site, we store a temporary cookie in the browser files of that subscriber’s computer. The cookie is required during your online session to allow you access to the Member or Subscriber area, without having to repeatedly re-enter your username and password. Cookies also help us analyze and improve your experience on our site.

External Links

Some of our pages may include links to other websites. We do not provide any information from you to these other sites. When you visit other sites, many will attempt to collect your information for their purposes. Their sites have their own set of terms that are totally unrelated to ours.


We use security measures including encryption and authentication to protect your personal information and content from loss, or alteration. We back up our site regularly and include systems to minimize the potential for attacks on our site and protect your information.

Credit card processing is done through Stripe. We also provide payments through PayPal. None of your payment information is stored on this site. Your information is transmitted through a secure connection to process your order. The public pages on this site that require you to enter personal information are securely encrypted to protect your privacy.

This website uses an SSL certificate to secure online transactions for customers. Any data you submit to this website over a https connection will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. It is essential to use an SSL certificate to guarantee the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions.

Subscription Confirmations

When signing up for a membership you confirm and agree to receive communication from us which includes membership support or emails regarding changes to our site, upgrades or related products or services. Confirming is required to receive support, website changes or upgrade information. We do not sell, or make your email available to anyone for any reason. All subscribers will have an unsubscribe link provided to them if they no longer wish to receive communication or support.


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