Pilot Flight Training Courses

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Free Student Pilot Bag

When you start your private pilot training, you’ll need something to carry your books, pens, notepad, headset, iPad, flight computer, plotter and other things. Let us take care of that for you! When you do your private pilot training with us, we will give you a bag for free while supplies last!

Free FAA Training Material

Since you’re on a winning streak, how about we add to it and give you some FAA training material for free also! When you sign up we will also includes links to download free FAA training material to your computer.  There are many places that sell this material and if you want to buy it, that’s fine but we’d like to save our customers a little more money so we are providing links to download it for free.

Online Access to Training Outline

It can be very difficult to follow along with your training. Many times the student doesn’t know where they are in their training or how much they have left to do. They go home many times, not remembering what they need to study for the next lesson, just to end up coming to their flight lesson unprepared. We have a custom made training outline that incorporates the latest ACS standards into each lesson with a natural flow to your training to minimize your expense and maximize how fast you learn.

You will have online access to the outline which details every subject and item in that subject that will be discussed during your lesson so you know what to study and you have time to prepare for it. There will also be a personalized, printed copy that will be used for the lesson to keep track of exactly where you are and to easily be able to pick up where you left off.


Our goal is to get you your pilot license quickly, without cutting corners and give you more detail than most flight schools in the process. This is made possible by an organized system which most flight schools are lacking. It eliminates the guesswork and is set up to have you learn everything in a logical order so you don’t have to skip back and forth, struggling to make sense of a generic outline that lacks the proper building block training. Our training will flow naturally and will save you money in the end.

We also have a very good plane rate compared to most which will save you money too. The biggest savings you will get is from experience. You will have an experienced instructor teaching you. Someone that knows how to get the message across and can explain things to you in different ways, until you understand. Our goal is to make you the best pilot you can be, giving you more details than most flight schools in the most simple form so you grasp the concept and remember it much easier. This is only possible with an experienced instructor that has made instructing a career, not a new or part time instructor. We will only hire the best, because we want the best for you.

Getting your pilot license will be one of the best things you’ve ever done and waiting will only make you wish you did it sooner! If you’d like to get started, you can contact us here or give us a call at 847-960-3285. All we need to get you started is for you to bring in a birth certificate or passport to prove citizenship and a drivers license, so we can set you up in the system and begin training. If you know of anyone that may be interested in learning to fly, please let them know about us!

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