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New Aircraft for Rent in the Chicago Area

Flight Training in our Plane or Yours

Our 10 Day instrument rating course was originally designed for people that owned their own airplane, but that has now changed! We have just purchased an airplane, so we can offer training to those who do not own a plane! Our plane is a 1982 Piper Warrior II and comes with a Garmin 530W.

We’re setting up and moving into our new office at Lake in the Hills airport in Illinois on March 10th and should be ready the following day. You’ll be able to find us in the BIG BLUE BUILDING where the Flight Center is located. Feel free to stop by, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you’ve been waiting until spring to take our accelerated IFR course, get your instrument rating the traditional way, get an IPC, etc. we can now offer you a plane to train in at a very reasonable price!

Special Discounted Rental Rate for New Instrument Students

If you’ve been thinking of getting your instrument rating, now you have a reason to do it! As an incentive to attract students to help us with the costs of our plane we are offering a lower rental rate for the first 3 people to sign up for training by March 31, 2017. Your cost will only be $108 per hour for the airplane rental during your flight training.

This is the perfect time to save some money so why not take advantage of it? You will be taught by AOPA’s 2016 Outstanding Flight Instructor Award Winner, listed in the top 10 of the country. If you’re not interested but know someone that is, pass this along to them and help them save some money. If you’re interested, you can contact us here.

If you’re interested in an accelerated IFR rating program and would like more information on that, you can click the button below. It is definitely a fast-paced course that will require a lot of dedication and hard work on your part but it certainly helps when you don’t have much time and want to get it done quickly.

Required skill level for a 10 day IFR course

You must know the plane and equipment

Before you even think of considering an accelerated instrument rating course, you must be able to fly your plane! If you just bought a plane and you are not familiar with it, don’t even attempt an accelerated course. You have to have a good feel for the plane and be totally comfortable with it. You also need to know how to operate everything in the plane. If you just bought a new GPS, you need to become familiar with it. If you’re struggling to load a destination or change frequencies, then it will probably add time to your training.

You must know how to work a VOR

IFR flying is about intercepting and tracking courses and radials. Many airways, intersections, approaches and holds use VORs. If you are not comfortable with tuning in a VOR to identify an airway or if you’re confused about the TO/FROM setting, then you can count on it taking an extra day or so to complete your rating. We provide study material to clarify some of these things but the more you know before you start, the easier it will be for you.

You must be current and proficient

If you haven’t flown for several months, or years and think that getting your instrument rating through an accelerated training course is going to help you get back into the swing of things, you better reconsider. Situations like this don’t usually end up well. It is difficult enough as it is to do this kind of training, but to try to do it when you haven’t been flying much is a setup for failure. We’ve heard stories from examiners about failing applicants in this very situation. Why anyone would even consider signing off a student for their IFR Checkride if they weren’t ready is beyond acceptable. This is something we would never do. We won’t even accept an applicant for our program unless they have recent experience.

Simulated IFR time while under the hood

One of the best things you can do is to practice flying under the hood with a safety pilot before starting your training. If you’re struggling to control the plane while flying under the hood then it can literally add several days to your training. You need to practice flying under the hood until you can at least turn to and maintain a heading within 10° and hold altitudes within 100′ at a minimum. If you can get to the point of being able to hold a constant airspeed while climbing and descending, that will be a bonus and really help you.

Before you sign up for an accelerated IFR course, be sure that you meet all the needed skill requirements so you will have the best chance at finishing your IFR training within the10 days. If you want to be sure that your instructor meets your standards, click the details button below to find out more information and read some awesome testimonials to set your mind at ease!

Is accelerated instrument training for you?

An accelerated instrument rating course is not for the timid

Can you handle an accelerated IFR course? There are many accelerated instrument training courses out there offering a 10 Day IFR program. It is possible to get your instrument rating in 10 days but it will be the busiest 10 days you’ve probably ever had! An accelerated IFR course is not for everyone though and it takes a lot of commitment.

If you’re hard working, determined and think you have what it takes to get this done, then here are a few things that will help you prepare and give you an idea of what to expect during your instrument training.

A typical accelerated IFR training day

Each day will usually consist of 8-10 hour days, every day until your instrument Checkride. These days will be very busy days with no time to waste because a lot has to be covered in a short period of time. After a long day of flight and ground instruction, you will have more studying to do when you get back to your house or hotel. You should plan for at least a couple of hours of study time each night to prepare for the next lesson.

There won’t be time for a social life during this time. Make sure that everyone knows that you will not be available during your training. This is not a vacation, it is hard work and will require 100% commitment on your part. No phone, no TV, no dinner out with friends. You have to have will power and be determined to make it happen.

Improve your chances of success

Because there is so much to remember, the best way to improve your chances of being ready for your instrument Checkride in 10 days is to study as much as you can before you begin your training. Half the battle of getting an IFR rating in 10 days is flying the plane and the other half is learning the information. You literally have to devote all of your attention and free time to this goal and give it 100%. The more you know before you start your training, the better it will be for you.

You don’t want to be trying to figure out how to read approach plates or what something means, while you are flying. When you are flying, your attention has to be on controlling the plane and staying within the standards required by the FAA. If you want to succeed you must study so you don’t have to think about these things once you’re in the plane!

Even if you’re giving it 100%, you could still become overwhelmed. Some people decide it’s not for them and some people push through it. As hard as you try, you may need an extra day or two. Don’t let this discourage you, just plan on it in your schedule and do the best you can to finish on time. In the end, it is your safety that counts, not making a 10 day deadline.

You may want to consider taking an extra couple of days off after your training to give yourself time to recover. You’ll probably just want to sleep when you’re done because you will be exhausted for sure.

Why take an accelerated IFR course?

The main reason people want to do accelerated IFR training is because they are too busy to drag out their training for several months and it’s just easier to take a couple weeks off and get it done. Because you are doing it every day, all day long you will become proficient very fast. This proficiency level and constant studying is what makes it possible to finish in such a short period of time. To maintain this same level, you must continue to use it. We promise to do our part and make you as proficient and knowledgeable as we can with a very structured and organized IFR training course but we need to work together to make it happen.

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